Become an agile organization with self-managed collaborative teams. Implement distributed leadership allowing each member to be leader in their role. Designed for Sociocracy, Holacracy and other teal management models. 


Rethink your organization’s management practices through a new agile approach.
​Holaspirit app brings transparency to your team organization’s structure. Become a teal organization, define who is responsible for what and who has the authority to decide:
– Give leadership to your employees to unleash their full potential
– Raise employee engagement and satisfaction
– Boost productivity and grow as a company


* Visualizing your holarchy :
Use our dynamic presentation to browse through your organization. Find precise role definitions and the members associated with them with just a simple click.
* Explicit Roles and Circles
Each role and circle is defined by their purpose(s), domain(s) and accountability(ies). Fill in their description by tagging them to publications.
* Global search
Gain instant access to required roles, circles, projects, checklists… and members with a full text search engine. A click of the mouse and a sidebar allows you to browse through their file.
* Project dashboard
Thanks to a “Kanban” style view, rapidly pinpoint role projects that are on-going, blocked or completed within each circle. Take advantage of tactical meetings to review them.
* Checklists and metrics
For each circle, share checklists and metrics useful to the smooth running of the activity. Take advantage of the tactical meeting to review them with all the circle members..
* Tensions and proposals
« My tensions » allows you to make an on-going list of tensions to be processed during tactical or governance meetings. Prepare your proposals and import them with one click to the agenda for each meeting.


More than 400 customers in 30 different countries through 10 languages
Independant, French, SAAS company, founded in 2016 
Pioneer on the new governance market space

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