happytech USA

Happytech is a movement that aims to federate the actors who put technology at the service of well-being in companies and to label the startups and companies that bring added value in this field.
The mission of Happy Tech USA is to promote this international movement in a world that needs ‘purposeful technology’ more than ever. If you can dream it, you can do it, so let’s do it together.


Noëlla Vincent

After 15 years of Markering, from survey to strategic counseling, Noëlla decided to start a new professional chapter based on the Human potential and development. Since 2015, Noëlla has been coaching executives, start up Founders and self employed with her énergic personality and reliable approches based on NLP master practitioner, a Coaching Certification, à Master of Hypnosis and a trainee qualification.
Noella has already created 3 businesses in 3 différent countries and love to learn new culture and meet new people. Humans are her passion and contributing to the development of Happy tech international was just an évidence for her.

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